Vocal Toning


Vocal Toning is a method used to resonate various parts of the body using your own self created sounds. There are many different sounds used by various different traditions. The sounds I use are simple vowel sounds. These have no specific meaning and they are not associated to any particular religion or tradition. They are simply sounds that can be used in order to explore, play with and have fun with your own voice. Intoning the sounds over a single breath and then repeating that process several time leads into a period of silence. In this silence, the sounds resonate in body and mind and begin to take effect. The next sound follows, and then the next period of silence. Through the process the different sounds are directed at different parts of the body from the base of the spine to the lower tummy, to the stomach, to the chest, the throat and eventually into the forehead and crown. There are several different variations of this technique that I teach in workshops and private sessions. These variations may use different pitches or frequencies – beginning with the lowest that your voice can tone to the highest that you can comfortably reach. I also use a guided visualization process to help focus the mind and also direct the sound energy. 

At the beginning of the session I guide participants through a Body Awareness process that helps to locate physical, mental and emotional stresses and begins to release them. As we work through the various sounds, the silence begins to change and become deeper and more profound. By the end of the process the silence has changed significantly and leads into a very peaceful state. I often use instruments likes, gongs and other highly resonant acoustic instruments to round off the experience and then allow participants to sit in this silence for an extended period of time – in a state of deep relaxation or meditation

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