For many thousands of years indigenous and spiritual traditions have used the voice as a powerful tool for shifting their consciousness, focusing their energy and intention and even for healing. From the western traditions and hymns, to the eastern traditions and chanting. Our voice is one of the most powerful and portable personal development tools that I have come across and the great thing is that we all have this instrument at our disposal. 

Learning to play the piano or violin or guitar takes many years of training whereas learning to use the voice as a tool can be learned in an afternoon. Of course this doesn’t mean we master it instantly. It takes practice. But we can begin to use this instrument instantly to effect our brainwaves, our emotions, our thoughts and even the very cells that make up our body. The results are tangible. We feel relief from stress. We feel energized. We feel creative. It is one of the fastest ways to change your state of being. 

Vocal Toning is not the same as singing. Many of us have this notion that we “can’t sing”, so we shy away from Toning. When we were children we may have heard:   “children should be seen and not heard” or “keep quiet, you sound like a bullfrog – you can’t sing”. These ideas have taken an imprint in us and as a result we have become inhibited about using our voice. We have misunderstood and misused this amazing tool. Some have even become ashamed of it. This is a great pity because the voice is like a Fingerprint to the Soul leading us inwards and taking us to some very empowering places. 

Everybody can tone – without exception! All you need is to let go of some inhibitions and negative associations and have some fun with your voice. Each of us has a totally unique voice signature. What we need to do is to rediscover our true voice and begin to play with it. Once we do this (and it doesn’t take much effort at all) we begin to feel different about ourselves. From building self esteem and self confidence. To feeling physically energised. To releasing emotions that no longer serve us. 

Toning is not about sounding “good”. You don’t have to have a voice like Celine Dion to create powerful tones. Toning is also not about sounding “right”. You cannot be off key because what you are working with is YOUR UNIQUE SOUND. If you want to be a professional singer, you need to “sound good” and “hit the right notes”. But if you want to use your voice as a tool for personal growth and get to experience some spectacular results then Toning is what you want to do. Toning is about sounding yourself ! Once you begin the process it leads you to the next step and the next, until you arrive at your unique destination. 

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