Products & Services


One-on-one Personal Development Coaching

In the comfort of your own home or business, Steve will come and evaluate your needs and create an individualized program for what you desire. Whether it be for your own personal development or in order to create balance and harmony within your organisation. The techniques that are taught follow the structure of the Sound Foundations principles and incorporate many different techniques: Mind Power, Psychology, Goal Setting, Sound Based Techniques, Writing, Planning, Executing

Sound Therapy

The individual Sound Sessions take various forms. The client is exposed to the therapeutic sounds of various acoustic instruments and nature sounds. The instruments include: Tibetan Bowls and Bells, Drums, Gong, Pythagorian Tuning Forks, and a variety of percussion instruments. The aim of the session may be purely for relaxation or it may be in order to lead into deeper personal development work. Voice is also used and clients are taught how to use their own voices as powerful and effective tools for relaxation as well as mental and emotional balancing.



Public Talks

Steve gives a variety of public talks aimed at educating and inspiring. The topic of the talk can be tailor made to suit your audience. In order to arrange a group talk and find out more about the topics click here. Steve is also available as  Master of Ceremonies at your business or private function.

Sound Journey

A Sound Journey is an extremely pleasant experience. Designed for deep relaxation, participants lie down on a soft blanket with comfortable pillow and are bathed in a variety of specially chosen sounds. Pre recorded music and live acoustic instruments are used to resonate the body with sound. This creates a sensation of deep relaxation.   

Laughter Workshop

This is a fun and effective session that is a foundation for stress release and leads into a very profound meditation / relaxation. Participants are coached into a variety of different sounds of laughter that are specially designed to vibrate specific parts of the body and also to act as improvisation tools for the conscious laughter session that follows. After the laughter release (which is done lying down), participants are exposed to the sound of the Chinese Horizontal Gong (an extremely powerful instrument that has some really amazing effects on the body) as well as several other sounds. What follows is a period of silence and relaxation. The techniques are based on the system that Steve was taught in the USA by Laughter Guru Laraaji Nadananda.

One Day Workshop in Sound Therapy

This is a workshop starting at 9am and finishing at 5 pm. It covers the scientific basis for sound therapy work and explains in detail the background (both from a scientific and spiritual tradition perspective) of Sound Therapy. Practical exercises are taught that one can use at home. These include: Toning and Vocal Overtoning (very powerful techniques!); The Use of Music and Sound for Personal Balancing; The Power of the Voice, the use of our Name as a Mantra and much more.

Multiple Day Workshops and Retreats in Personal Development and Sound Therapy

These are stay over retreats that are conducted in very pleasant surroundings out in nature. They include detailed teaching of the Sound Foundations system as well as various techniques of personal development practice including Writing and Journaling Techniques, Sound Techniques,  Advanced voice and sound work and Meditation and relaxation practices. The intention behind these retreats is to nourish body (with good food, water and rest), mind (through the various techniques that are taught) and spirit (Through the various non denominational and non religious sound techniques) back into balance and natural harmony