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Welcome to this website.

I would like to provide you with information and resources about the work that I do in the field of Personal Development, Sound Therapy, Lifestyle Integration Management, and Executive Management Training

I teach a practical method for ordinary everyday people to use in order to expand their consciousness and incorporate an holistic approach to their personal development. In the frenetic modern world there is a need for us to slow down and become re-acquainted with the multidimensional nature of our being. Body, mind and soul need to be incorporated in our day to day lives in a practical way.

I teach various methods and employ a variety of techniques to facilitate stress reduction and to create states that are empowering and that enhance our well-being. My teachings are interwoven with ancient and modern principles of Sound  Therapy.

We are in the process of expanding this website. It is currently under further construction to provide you with many more valuable resources, articles, videos and information. Bookmark us and check in again from time to time.

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