Sound Creates Form



“What makes us feel drawn to music is that our whole being is music: our mind and body, the nature in which we live, the nature which has made us, all that is beneath and around us, it is all music.” 
Hazrat Inyat Khan (Sufi Master) (1882-1927)


Ever since I was a young boy I was fascinated with the incredible depth contained within the work of Plato and other great thinkers. I guess my philosophical predisposition comes from my Greek heritage. Ancient wisdom suggested that there was more to life than what we are able to see and smell and hear and taste and touch. Plato, and many others from many different cultures, told us that the world we live in is a mere reflection of something much more profound and mysterious. Mystics told us that: we are all one. I intuitively knew that this was true, and this sparked my imagination at an early age.

As I grew older my childhood instinct was covered by the dust of daily living and survival. Philosophical truths gave way to accepted conventions that were drummed into me by society. As more and more conventional thinking took over from my intuitive understanding of the world, skepticism grew and turned to cynicism. Then, in my early twenties, through several inner journeys that are too long to describe here, I had some profound awakenings. I re-discovered deeper aspects of my Self that I had long forgotten. I plunged into several years of intensive study. I soaked up knowledge from a diversity of traditions and cultures, both from the west and the east. From science, philosophy, trans-personal psychology to spirituality and indigenous teachings. This knowledge took shape in my own personal experiences and I discovered first hand that what the ancients were saying was indeed true: there are many hidden worlds contained within the one we live, and these worlds extend beyond the physical. This is not some crazy esoteric concept but a reality that, once experienced, will forever change the way one views the world.

We are multi dimensional beings. We are not only body and conscious mind. We have a body, yes, and a conscious mind. But we also have a subconscious mind and a soul. Each of these dimensions governed by their own unique laws. Just as gravity is a reality in the physical world, so too are there governing forces and laws in each of the other dimensions. What I set out to do was to discover what these are, and apply them to my life. To me, personal development and spiritual growth must be a practice. Spirituality needs to be something real, practical and life changing, not just a philosophy, or worse, a superstition.

In order to explore and experience deeper aspects of who we are we need to make use of techniques and tools. Just as we exercise the physical body in the gym, we exercise the other aspects and dimensions using psychological, emotional and spiritual practices. There are many valid paths and many ways in which to explore. My own search has lead me to develop my own models, habits and practices. These are what I teach. They are by no means perfect or flawless, nor are they “the only way”, but I have found them profoundly useful and life changing in my own personal development.

Through my studies into the various traditions and ancient wisdoms, a system of habits and practices spontaneously developed in my own life that changed the way I viewed the world. In fact, they completely transformed my outlook on life and the true nature of what we call ‘reality’. I discovered a powerful inner world filled with magic and mystery, way beyond what I could ever have imagined. I began teaching what I had been using in my own life and I noticed that this had a significant impact on the lives of those who I was teaching. This strengthened my own resolve to explore even deeper.

At the core of my work is an ancient Truth. An extremely simple notion that is, paradoxically, very difficult to understand, largely because it seems illogical. However this is now accepted scientific fact. The truth is this: the world and all the universe is made up of vibrations of energy. Quantum Physics has come along and confirmed this to be true. Even matter that appears to be solid and ‘real’ is nothing more than a vibration of energy. By extension, at some level, these vibrations manifest as sound – audible or inaudible. We are in fact Beings made of Sound living in a Universe made of sound.

Many spiritual traditions from both the west and the east have said that the world was created through sound. In the Bible it says, “En argen en o logos” – “In the beginning was the Word…….” – and what is a word but a sound. Thousands of years before that, the Indian Vedic scriptures said -“Nada Brahma” – “The world is Sound”. The creation stories of various cultures, including the Aztecs, the Persians, the Inuit, the Malayans and many more, suggested that the Universe was created by sound. Interestingly, even scientists refer to the creation of the Universe as a sound. They call it “The Big Bang”. Perhaps, we were created by some mysterious and unknowable Sacred Sound, generated by some equally mysterious and unknowable Source that many refer to as God.

Does this sound ridiculous? Perhaps it does, but further exploration leads to an art and a science that confirms it to be true, without contradicting either the laws of science or spirituality. In fact, it brings these two seemingly divergent paths closer together. This practice is called Sound Therapy and it is a modern description of something that is very old. An ancient wisdom that was partially lost and forgotten, but that is re-emerging at this critical time in our existence.

Sound Therapy is the knowledgeable use of sound to harmonize the human being. It works on the physical level, affecting the cells that make up our body. It works on the emotional level, guiding us to places deep within that we cannot reach on our own. It works on the level of the mind, helping us to access deep seated unconscious thoughts, ideas and beliefs. It works on the brain, balancing the frequencies that are part of the process of thinking, learning, relaxing. It helps to restore balance in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

Sound connects us to our world, our environment and to the Universe at large. We live in a Quantum Soup of Sound. We Dance to the Sound of the Divine Song. Music is often called “food for the soul”, and indeed it is. There isn’t a single spiritual tradition that doesn’t use some form of sound. From the hymns of the Christian church, to the chants of the eastern traditions, to the drumming of the Shaman. Plato talked about the music of the spheres. Pythagoras, well known as a mathematician, was also a sound healer. He trained in the Egyptian Mystery Schools. He invented musical instruments for healing and described music using mathematics.

Since modern science has confirmed what the mystics have told us for thousands of years – that sound effects us on many different levels – we can now go ahead and explore the many diverse avenues available for us to use. We need to make sound a meaningful and constructive tool in our life. A tool for physical health, mental stability, emotional processing and even spiritual enlightenment. With awareness and intent, there is no area that cannot be affected by sound. This truly is a sound foundation for transformation.

My experiences have shown me beyond doubt that there is something of great importance here and this needs to be explored, experimented with and expanded. Simply stated, Sound Therapy is a revolutionary and user friendly practice that is now ready to reclaim its rightful place in the world of healing and self therapy.

How can you bring sound into your life as a tool for personal development? Do you need a sound healer? Well, actually, you are a sound healer. It’s part of you; it’s just that no one ever told you this before. In future articles and through the various resources that I will make available in this website, I will elaborate more about this fascinating field. I will also share some ideas and tools for working with sound as a practical and effective tool in your everyday life.

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