Embrace the Mystery of Life


A wise individual understands that life is a journey not a destination. We never actually “get there” but we constantly travel, learn, grow, teach and contribute. Those who fight the process of change eventually become fatigued and defeated. Those who understand and embrace it, thrive. During our lifetime we travel through many outer and inner landscapes. Sometimes the journey is pleasant, fun and easy. Other times it can be challenging and difficult. Our willingness to embrace the journey and to allow change determines how happy and successful we become.

Evolution occurs when something transforms into something else. This is true of everything in life. From the evolution of a species, to our evolutionary process as humans, to the evolution of technology, to the evolution of a business. Things last as long as they need to. Nothing lasts forever. Everything evolves and becomes something else.

Success comes from doing the right thing at the right time. Success also comes from knowing when it is time to let go and move on. Often people hold on to something longer than they should, but this flies in the face of evolution and the Law of Constant Change. It takes vision, wisdom and courage to know when it’s time to move on.

Through my workshops, talks and writing it has been my privilege to be able to share some of my ideas, philosophies and tools for personal transformation. I do so with the intention of making a positive contribution and to usher in change where it is needed.

My message in this article is the following:

Don’t be afraid of life! Don’t be timid in your thoughts and ideas. Don’t sell yourself short. In “Zorba the Greek”, the great Greek writer, Nikos Kazantzakis wrote: “Life is trouble. Only death is no trouble. To be alive, undo your belt and look for trouble”. I don’t think he was suggesting we should  indulge in anarchy, but rather that in order to fully experience life, we must be prepared to challenge ourselves outside of the norm and to push our boundaries. We must allow ourselves to embrace the mystery of life.

Be bold. Be brave. Be creative. Be yourself. It may sound obvious, but it takes awareness, courage, discipline and a lot of effort. First you have to find out who you really are. In a world that has become increasingly complicated, many people have lost their  identity. Once you rediscover who you truly are, you must create a vision of the life that you desire, and then, act on that vision. To do anything less, is to squander the most magnificent opportunity.

Life is a Great Mystery and it will meander in many unknown and perhaps strange directions – this is its nature. Sometimes we cannot explain why things happen, but they do. At such times we must be wise enough to have a plan yet flexible enough to allow the unexpected its place.

After over a decade in personal development work, I have observed how difficult it is for people to change. In fact, I have noticed that many don’t really want to change. They prefer the status quo and the safety they assume it contains, but this is a dangerous mistake.

Life is like a fertile garden – whatever seeds you plant will grow. The seeds are your thoughts, words, feelings and actions. The harvest is your life. It takes far less energy to allow your mind to focus on whatever it wants to, than to direct it to focus on what you want. It’s much easier to let it wander as it pleases and feed itself. Unfortunately the reality is that the environment from which the mind feeds can be extremely negative if not outright toxic. This is bad for us.

I want to remind us all of the need to remain vigilant against the silent enemy called complacency and to become active participants in the process of your own evolution. Although it takes much more effort and energy, it is crucial that you train your mind to follow commands and to focus on what you want. That is how you begin to change your life.

If you plant the wrong seeds, you will get the wrong crop. If you choose not to plant and allow chance to plant for you, you will end up with a garden full of weeds. A life full of unhappiness and strife.

Gather tools. Find a system of personal development that works for you. Understand what makes you tick. Be aware of what seeds you are sowing. Create wisely. Recognize the amazing power at your disposal and use it to bring about positive change. Trying and failing is far better than failing to try. The former offers you another chance to learn and to take new action. The latter brings about the slow death of your enthusiasm and the spirit that makes you feel alive.

A man named Zig Zigler once said, “Success is not something that you chase after, it is something that you attract by the person you become”. What this means is that we can only achieve real fulfillment by working on who we are instead of constantly trying to pursue something external to us. Inner work coupled with outer action will attract the true and holistic success that we desire.

Embracing life comes from having a direction. When we have a focused direction, it’s interesting how we begin to achieve things more easily and with less activity. Our “luck” improves and there are many coincidences that conspire to help us with our goals. Success comes by aligning to your deepest desires and the purpose of your soul.

Take time out to breathe deeply once in a while. Relax and take note of what is going on around you and inside you. Observe the miracle of life as it unfolds. Be conscious of the incredible potential available to anyone willing to risk the pain of failure in order to taste the sweetness of success.

A true warrior embraces life by knowing that with every failure comes the opportunity to learn from mistakes and start afresh. Base your life on sound principles, and then, let go in faith and confidence that the Great Mystery will bring you exactly what you need for your evolution – even if that means more failure.

And once you achieve, contribute to your fellow beings. Contribution is what strengthens our society. Those who live only for themselves might prosper but they will never be truly happy. To create a world that is better than it currently is, we need to contribute. This may be your money or your time or your expertise or simply your kindness. Contribute through your unique talents. Contribute whatever you can. This gives your life meaning and it also leads to the ultimate alchemy – the physical manifestation of your spiritual desires.

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